Monday, September 21, 2009

Wyse S10 cannot connect to terminal server

Here's the fix, direct from Wyse tech support:

1)      From your WTOS device –
     Click on start > select System setup > Network

2.) From Network settings –
Input the following information
            File Servers/Path:

Username: Anonymous

Click OK and restart the S10.

When you restart, you should see an ICA icon on the desktop.  NOTE you do not need to click on this icon, it is an indication that the wnos.ini file has been read. 

If you do not see the ICA icon, verify the information above was input correctly.

If you do see the icon, get back into the Network menu and clear out the information in the File Servers Path field and restart the unit.

After the S10 boots up, test your connection.

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