Friday, September 18, 2009

Cisco Catalyst DHCP with Reservation

The Cisco Catalyst 29xx series is capable of DHCP if you purchase a model with the LANBASE image preinstalled, such as the WS-C2960-24TT-L.  Models with the suffix of "S" are LANLITE images.

This example shows a DHCP pool with a single reservation, tied to a MAC address.  On the Catalyst, if you need more than one reservation, you will have to create individual pools for each MAC that you want to service.  This could get unwieldy if you have many reservations that you want to create; you will want to pursue a DHCP relay configuration that relays the DHCP requests from the switch to a Windows 200x server.

ip dhcp pool Eric
   client-identifier 0100.16d3.3e9c.f8 (the MAC address must be preceded by "01" per Cisco)
   domain-name domain.local
   netbios-name-server (this is your WINS server)


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