Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools

10. Cc:Betty - Online email organizing service
9. MediaWiki - The software that powers Wikipedia
8. TimeBridge - Meeting scheduler and facilitator
7. Google Groups - Usenet for the web
6. TextFlow - Allows you to post a document and allow users to collaborat, mark it up, and track changes.
5. DimDim - Free online webinar and meeting platform similar to GoToMeeting
4. MindMeister - Cocktail napkin sketches for the web.
3. - File-sharing service that allows up to 100 MB of files without signup or software.
2. Campfire - Collaborative chat platform
1. Zoho - Vast suite of online editing and group organization tools
Top 10 Web Collaboration tools (That aren't Google Wave)

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